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Busy Kids is a proud participant in the Washington State Early Achievers Program.  To read more about our commitment to high quality child care, click on the logo above.

We offer preschool activities each morning. We begin our day with a morning meeting. This is time for us to come together and talk about what's happening in our world and what will be happening in our day. During this time, we focus on language and literature, art, science, math, and social skills. Unlike a curriculum full of worksheets and cookie cutter projects, our early learning program is literacy and play-based with themes related to our world around us. We offer age-appropriate activities and children have opportunities for creative expression as they explore a variety of materials to expand their knowledge and skills. So, what does that look like?

Here's a great example from a September lesson:

Theme: Apples

Reading Scholastic's "The Biggest Apple Ever" by Steven Kroll, we will focus on apples for the week. We will talk about what happens during the fall season, apples, how they grow, and build on that theme. By the end of the week, we have:

*Tasted red, green, and yellow apple slices
*Made our own apple sauce and had it for a snack
*Cut apples in half to reveal the seeds and created apple prints with red, green, and yellow paint on paper
*Counted apple seeds
*Learned about how apples and other trees grow
*Made apple crafts to take home
*Played with miniature apple toys and baskets in our sensory table for hours on end

It's not your traditional sit at the table and do worksheets curriculum but it works great for the curious little minds that we care for!