Our Philosophy and Program Goals

A. It is our goal to support and encourage the formation of the child's whole self.  We accomplish this by providing a nurturing environment that is spacious and homelike and by allowing our children to explore their environment through both spontaneous and directed play within a sensory stimulating environment.

B. We believe that in working together, parents, caregivers, and staff can create a wonderful early childhood experience for each and every child.  During the time your child is enrolled here at Busy Kids, we want you to feel welcome to come into our space at any time during business hours.  That beings stated, please keep in mind your child's abilities to feel secure about seeing you come and go throughout the day, if you wish to do so.

C. Our early learning program is based on a monthly theme (or themes) related to the child's world around him or her.  Activities are age appropriate and might include art, movement, music, language and literature, math, science, cooking, and outdoor play.  Although at Busy Kids, we do like to keep to a schedule for consistency, we are not so rigid that time and minute are most important.

Here at Busy Kids, we can be quite informal at times within our in-home setting while also working hard to maintain a quality level of professionalism.  We always treat our children the way they should be treated: with respect, dignity, and in a developmentally appropriate manner.  At times our environment, just like childhood learning, can be quite busy and very fast-paced so there is often a need for humor, open communication, personal motivation, and a positive attitude.  We believe that the success in meeting children's individual needs depends on the quality of care given and strive to provide the highest quality of care possible.  That being said, we are always striving for creativity while providing stimulating materials for each age and stage.  As well, we often work directly with childhood education specialists, which provide our staff with consultation regarding areas such as curriculum, environment, behavior, and health issues.

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