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1604 Brookwood Avenue,
Ferndale, WA

 (360) 933-0644
Busy Kids is a proud participant in the Washington State Early Achievers Program.  To read more about our commitment to high quality child care, click on the logo above.
Our Day...

Busy Kids is proud to offer high quality care in a small mixed-age group setting with an extensive amount of one-on-one time. At Busy Kids your child is able to build a personal relationship with Ms. Gina and staff, and without a lot of staff turnover your child will know who is caring for them each day which will help them to feel more secure in their environment.

Our philosophy is simple: we believe that in working together, parents, teachers, and caregivers can create a wonderful early childhood experience for each and every child. At Busy Kids, we are committed to just that!

Indoor Play
We have a bright and clean play space to keep children engaged. We provide different play areas such as dramatic play, blocks, sensory, manipulatives, reading area, and art exploration. At free choice time children have opportunities to move freely throughout the play space and engage in a variety of developmentally appropriate activities. During this time children may choose to do puzzles, play games, create art, use play dough, dress up, and so much more! Children are able to work individually or play in groups and choose which areas interest them most. Staff assists with child-to-child interactions to help develop social, language, and problem-solving skills.

Circle Time
We have circle time each day where children gather together to participate in a variety of language-based activities. These include songs, fingerplays, stories, and games. This time provides children opportunities to practice listening skills, thinking and sharing, and being part of a group experience.

Outdoor Play
Depending on the weather, we like to get outside to play each day. We have many different play spaces outside and children enjoy riding bikes, playing in the sandbox, climbing, sliding, spending time in the playhouse, and many other activities. These are great opportunities to enhance children’s large motor skills.

Meals and Rest Time
Busy Kids follows guidelines for the USDA Food Program. Children are provided breakfast and two snacks throughout the day (and bring their own lunches). Each meal we have together is an opportunity to foster awareness of healthy nutrition choices and encourage self-help skills, social skills, and manners. After lunch is our rest time. We always tell the children that they don't have to sleep, but they do need to let their bodies rest. We help children settle in by playing soothing background music. During this time, some children rest quietly while others fall asleep.