Our Day

Busy Kids Provides
* Care for children in a mixed age group, infants through PreK
* A safe and consistent environment
* Ongoing staff education training
* Learning enrichment activities include art, music, movement, language/literature, math, science, and cooking as well as fine motor and large motor play.
* Outdoor play space with many functional areas
* Hands on discovery
* Introduction to sign language
* Access to early childhood consultants specializing in curriculum, education, environment, and behavior as well as health and safety

Meals and Snacks 
Children are provided breakfast and two snacks throughout the day (children bring their own lunch).  Each meal is an opportunity to foster awareness of good nutrition as well as encouraging self-help skills, social skills, and manners.

Circle Time
At circle time children participate in a variety of language-based activities that coordinate with curricular themes.  These include songs, finger plays, stories, and games.  This time provides children opportunities for listening, thinking and speaking, and being a part of a group experience.

Projects and Art
Children have opportunities for creative expression as they explore a variety of materials while developing their fine motor skills.  This is a time for teacher supported activities as well as child discovery.  At Busy Kids, many different materials are used and are not limited to, glue and scissors, playdough, water and sand, paint, crayons, and markers.

Free Choice Play
During this time at Busy Kids children move freely throughout the play space engaging in a variety of developmentally appropriate activities.  These learning activities include opportunities for dramatic play, blocks, sensory, manipulatives, quiet areas, and art exploration.  Materials are changed periodically to reflect curricular themes and children's personal interests.  During this time staff facilitate child to child interactions to help children develop social, language, and problem solving skills.

Outdoor Play
Depending on the weather, children go outside each day at Busy Kids.  Independence and responsibility with dressing and care of personal belongings are encouraged.  During this time, children enjoy riding bikes, playing in the sandbox, climbing, sliding, and many other outdoor activities.  These are great opportunities to enhance children’s large motor skills.

Rest Time
Each day, after lunch, a rest time is offered at Busy Kids.  During this time some children rest quietly while others fall asleep.

Busy Kids Early Enrichment and Preschool | 2115 Washington Street, Ferndale, WA | (360) 933-0644